Outer Space Treaty Clarification

Outer Space Treaty Clarification

For nearly half a century, ambiguity surrounding the legality of private property rights under the
1967 Outer Space Treaty has hindered forward progress in the commercialization of space.

We aim to continue gaining favorable affirmation for private property rights under the present U.N. Treaty framework, until the dominant attitude within the international community is such that private property rights may evolve intact under the Outer Space Treaty – and any argument that private property was PROHIBITED in the 1967 Outer Space Treaty is laid to rest after a half-century of ambiguity.

We are in position to gain further such confirmation within multiple nations that private property rights are not prohibited under the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, without:
-Implementation of new national legislation
-Accusation of violation of ‘national appropriation’ principle in Outer Space Treaty Article II

GOAL: Favorable affirmation in several nations to ensure compliance with Outer Space Treaty of private party claims to property rights upon celestial bodies, within 1 year, through execution of documentation via requisite legal, consular and diplomatic channels, and appropriate approach to competent authorities

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